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John Gowan Marin County and California Landscape Paintings and Giclee Prints
Newest Painting of the Collection
This painting depicts one of the most unique and wonderful personalities of Mt. Tamalpais, its microclimates. One of the mountains many incredible attributes, Mt Tam's microclimates add to its beauty, biodiversity and in many places on the mountain you can find yourself at the edge of a birch forest and beginning of a mazanita forest. In this painting I wanted to emphasize the point where you find yourself at that edge where the end of the birch forest struggling through the rocks transitions into the giant redwoods that tower above. The moister from the fog collecting on the giants forms into its own micro whether producing enough water for the moss covered trees and rocks to thrive. The contrast of the twisted birch trees against the tall redwoods has always been on of my favorites, and the lovely orange colors of the forest floor against the green moss covered rocks and trees are a perfect compliment to each other.
Edge of the Birch Forest
Original Painting
2 panel diptych
36" x 96"
acrylic on canvas
"Welcome to my website.
Here you'll find works of my travels from throughtout the natural wonders of California.
I've always been drawn to nature, it's a subject I respect and know well, and is the main inspiration for my paintings. There's something special about standing in some remote location, imagining how the beauty can be portrayed on canvas and bringing my own artistic interpretation to the memories of places and events that have meant something to me."
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